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Sparks - Uganda - Dark Roast - 250G

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Roast: Dark 
Origin: Uganda 
Type: Single Origin 
Altitude: 2300-6000masl 
Tasting Notes: Toffee, Milk Chocolate & Biscuit

Introducing "Sparks" Dark Roast Coffee by Ground Trekker Coffee Co: Ignite Your Senses with the Richness of Uganda's Finest!

Rise and shine, adventurers! It's time to fuel your passion for the outdoors with every sip of our extraordinary "Sparks" Dark Roast coffee. Crafted with utmost care and sourced directly from the lush landscapes of Uganda, this exceptional blend promises to take you on a flavor-packed journey like no other.

Indulge in the deep, intense flavors that "Sparks" has to offer. This dark roasted coffee captivates your senses with its enchanting combination of toffee, milk chocolate, and biscuit tasting notes. With each sip, allow the velvety richness to envelop your palate, leaving behind a lingering sweetness that dances delightfully on your taste buds.

At Ground Trekker Coffee Co, we believe that a great cup of coffee can elevate any adventure. Whether you're exploring untamed trails, setting up camp under the starlit sky, or embarking on a thrilling overlanding journey, "Sparks" is the perfect companion to enhance your outdoor experience.

Our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional coffee. We prioritise sustainability and ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that each bean tells a story of fair trade and responsible farming. By choosing "Sparks," you are not only indulging in a superior coffee but also supporting the communities that cultivate and nurture these exquisite beans.

Packaged in a convenient resealable bag, our "Sparks" Dark Roast Coffee stays fresh and aromatic, whether you're enjoying it at home or on the go. Its bold character and robust flavour profile make it an excellent choice for espresso-based beverages or a strong, satisfying cup of black coffee.

Join the growing community of adventurers, explorers, campers, and overlanders who have made Ground Trekker Coffee Co. their go-to brand for exceptional brews. Let the captivating aroma of "Sparks" awaken your senses and ignite your passion for the great outdoors. Embark on new journeys, create unforgettable memories, and savour every sip of this remarkable coffee that fuels your thirst for adventure.

So, grab your camping gear, lace up your boots, and brew a cup of "Sparks" Dark Roast coffee. Let the flavours transport you to the stunning vistas of Uganda, where untamed beauty meets the warmth of the roasted bean. Ground Trekker Coffee Co. welcomes you to embrace the wilderness and discover the true essence of adventure, one cup at a time.

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